International Job Shadowing Scheme


The IJSS is designed so that members of staff have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the knowledge and skills that are required for other/similar roles within their institution internationally. Participants spend time working alongside a member of staff within a different School/Department; either by nomination or identifying an area of interest.

Career development is integral to our IJSS. Hence, we encourage schools to contact us if they want to enhance overall education quality and take their professionalism to the next level.

Riplington and Associates supports job shadowing as a means of improving staff/job understanding, growth, appreciation, professionalism, co-ordination and contacts/networks across local and international settings and for staff to develop new skills and experience.

The IJSS is open to nursery, primary, secondary, sixth form and special schools.


  • to promote school partnerships and opportunities for transnational cooperation and mobility;
  • to contribute to the professional development of school staff and
  • to enrich the learning experience

For more information please read the IJSS overview and / or contact the education specialist

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