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Find out from Ryan Lavner why Texas senior Doug Ghim has become a favorite to win the 2018 Fred Haskins award.

This section covers past and present education-themed campaigns run by Riplington & Associates. It also provides information about various education campaigns across the world. This is separate from our research and policy section on schools.

Current Campaigns

Riplington & Associates are currently campaigning for reform in the following TWO areas in Nigeria:

  • Teacher training provision and delivery
  • Child protection in schools

Archive of previous education campaigns by Riplington & Associates

Schools closure 2011 (Nigeria)

In January 2011, a few days before the start of the new academic term, the Federal Government forced all public and private primary and secondary schools to resume four weeks later for the voter registration exercise.  After intital outrage trailed the forced closure, the  Federal Government stated that schools will now open three weeks later. There were legal implications regarding the directive but many schools (especially private ones) complied out of intimidation or favour. What is clear is that there needs to be a forum where the school community ( public and private ) can effectively engage with the government at all levels with ONE voice.

Below are selected articles that questioned the Federal Government’s directive in a democratic country.


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