Riplington & Associates  provide  research services for public and private organisations in academic research- data collection, survey design, barriers to education, teacher education and development, monitoring and evaluation of projects, website evaluation,  and new product development research.

Research papers in education (schools)  available for you to download.

National Development


Teacher Education & Development

Parental Involvement

  •  Parent Factor. (International)
  •  PTA & Education Governance. (Nigeria)

Regulatory Intermediation & Quality Assurance  

  • Examination Of Professional And Non-Professional Teachers Classroom Methodological Competencies (Nigeria)

Equality & Equity

  •  Inclusive Education in Africa: A Myth or Reality? A Zambian Case Study.
  •  The Education of Pupils With Special Educational Needs in Africa.
  •  Inclusive Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities for Nigeria.
  •  Hearing Disability Provision. (Nigeria)
  • Co-ed or single sex lessons? Koranic & Formal Education. (Senegal)
  •  Religious Education & Europe.
  •  Almajiri Integration & Basic Education. (Nigeria)


Education Law

  •  Legal Rights & Children (Nigeria)
  • Child Rights Act 2003 (Nigeria)
  •  Historical analysis of policy formulation (Nigeria)
  • ECOWAS & Right to Quality Education Ruling 2009 (Nigeria)
  • Secondary Principals & Loco-Parentis (Nigeria)
  • Education Law into Practice (South Africa)

Private & Public  Private Partnerships 


  •  Female Adolescent Sexual Health. (Nigeria)
  • Drug Use & Perception. (Nigeria)
  •  University Drug Abuse. (Nigeria)
  • Secondary School Students & Drug Use. (Nigeria)
  •  Malnutrition (Nigeria)
  • Sexuality Education in Schools. (Nigeria)
  •  Condom Use & Male Youth. (Nigeria)
  • Evolution Challenges and Prospects. (Nigeria)
  •  Secondary Students and Sexual Practices. (Nigeria)

Data & Assessment