Ipaja Community Link (ICL) is a community based organisation working in the Ayobo-Ipaja LCDA of Alimosho Local Government Council in Lagos State. Alimosho Local Government Council is the largest local government council in Lagos and is highly multi-cultural in composition. ICL was established by Development Impact For Nigeria (DIFN), a small UK based Diaspora led development agency working in Nigeria mainly with a view to encourage the UK Diaspora to partner in development projects in Nigeria primarily through volunteering.

Ipaja Community Link is presently involved in:

• Supporting orphans, children with special needs and girl children living in Ayobo-Ipaja LCDA and Alimosho Local Government Council to complete state run universal basic education and beyond
• Empowers Widows and care givers to look after their children through the creation of vocational/retail focused Social Enterprises
• Empowers youths and young adults with special needs through vocational skills training and community apprenticeships
• Adding value to state run schools in Lagos through teacher training and setting up school based projects
• Supporting community based Youth Work initiatives , especially through volunteering

How does Riplington & Associates’ support ICL?

For the past three years, we have been supporting the ICL summer school project. The objective of the project is to provide support for Primary 6 children identified by their state run primary schools in Ipaja in preparation got JSS 1. The project has also highlighted the fact that over 60% are girls from very low income families.

Several parents are not aware of the need to register their children for JSS 1 uptake and ICL advocates on their behalf to ensure that all ICL’s summer school children get into JSS1. Every September, ICL staff ensures that all the identified students enter JSS 1 by paying the required registration fee and providing the necessary back to school attire as many of the parents/care givers are unable to do so.
For the rest of the school year ICL run an after school and Saturday school projects for the children providing free academic and extra curricula activities.

For more information please contact Yomi Oloko



Pictures From Summer Camp School


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