International Teaching Placements Programme


In addition to Riplington & Associates’ International Job Shadowing  Scheme (IJSS) in schools, our international teaching placements    contribute to teacher development and international co-operation. The ITPP provides an opportunity  for overseas qualified  (and retired) teachers to experience  international education on a paid structured teaching placement for three to six months.  Further,  overseas student teachers are not exempt as they can also participate in the ITPP as tutors / learning mentors to Nigerian students who need additional support.

       Aims of the International Teaching Placements Programme 
  • Enhance teachers’ expertise in their teaching discipline and equip them with a deeper understanding of international education;
  • Create among educators a more nuanced understanding of the host (participating) countries;
  • Develop productive and lasting relationships and mutual understanding between the host countries, international educators and their students;
  • Contribute to providing an international educational and cultural experience in participating countries;
  • Encourage research and collaboration on pedagogy;
  • Contribute to the international engagement  and co-operation of the host academic institutions and
  • Enhances the quality of teacher development at the academic institutions
     Focus areas
  • Literacy
  • ICT
  • Numeracy
  • English  Language and / or Literature (Secondary and Post 16)
  • English as a Foreign Language
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Science (Primary, Secondary and Post 16)
  • Early Years & Primary
  • Leadership

Riplington & Associates are an intermediary between the overseas skilled professional / student teacher and Lagos based host academic institutions. Our fees are calculated and cover research and administrative costs. For more information, please contact the Schools Project Officer  and / or submit a completed application form. Please take your time to complete the relevant application form thoroughly, as it will be used to assess your suitability for the programme. To save us time and more importantly our partner organisations time, please only complete the application form if you are serious about participating.

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