Promoting Quality in the Country (Nigeria) Civic Education


This Riplington & Associates’ research on ‘Promoting Quality Civic Education in the Country (Nigeria)’ aimed to investigate whether the objectives of the school based civic education were being achieved. For this civic education research study – Borno, Enugu and Kano were chosen as pilot states. A central focus was on the quality of civic education learners and students receive and the capacity of teachers and lecturers to deliver the curriculum. The survey instruments included a knowledge test and questionnaire to measure the civic knowledge, attitudes and actions of learners and students. In addition, there were background questionnaires for teachers, head teachers, principals and lecturers. The instruments were prepared in English and translated into the respondents’ native languages. The survey was undertaken between April and August 2017. This publication is a comparative analysis of some of the research outputs in the three pilot states.

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